Thursday, September 27

Proof that Global Warming is a Political Hoax

We all knew this was coming -- with all of the doom and gloom attention given to global warming by the "drive-by media" and politicians who fly across the country in private jets and use more electricity in one month in one of their houses than the average American household uses in a year --we all knew they were leading up to something. Feel guilty, they told us. The world will end in ten years unless we do something to "combat global warming." As if our using one square of toilette paper and driving a hybrid will someone make the sun activity calm down enough to change the earth's temperature! But apparently, the special light bulbs and giving up tangerines will not be enough. No, we must also raise your taxes.

So while some of us will feel good that we're doing something to help the environment by paying taxes that have absolutely no effect on the environment, our economy will also suffer.

Wow - you have to love Democrats!

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