Friday, September 14

The Woes of Kwame

New Fallujah's thug mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, was "stunned" by the verdict announced earlier this week in the whistle-blower trial. I'm sure he was stunned -- usually his antics just lead to a re-election. But unfortunately for Kilpatrick, the jury wasn't so stunned - they took all of 3 hours to decide in favor of the dismissed police officers.

Essentially the mayor was accused of dismissing the officers after they began investigating misdeeds by Kwame's posse -I mean, security staff: DUI cover ups, falsified overtime records, partying with strippers at the mayor's house, helping to facilitate and cover up the mayor's extra-marital affairs - you know, the usual stuff you expect from your government.

I will say that Kwame has done some good things for the D, but he needs to grow up and be a leader. His conduct should be most embarrassing to him, and the residents of Detroit who re-elected him.

It's just too bad Kwame wasn't a U.S. Democrat senator - then they'd just appoint him the head of an important committee and move on...

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