Monday, September 24

Columbia Welcomes Terrorist Sponsor with Open Arms

By now I'm sure you've all heard about Columbia rolling out the red carpet to today's guest speaker, Mahmoud Ahwannjihad, the Freak of Iran.

I'm all for free speech for American citizens, but this guy has no right venturing outside the legal radius of the U.N. It's bad enough the Useless Nations is letting him speak without having one of our universities giving credence to this nuclear bomb-seeking, terrorist-supporting, Holocost-denying freakshow.

I know Columbia's Ivy League and they're all far more enlightened than me. In fact, their Dean announced that he would invite Hitler to speak at his university if he had the opportunity. But what educational benefit does Columbia hope to provide its students from giving this guy a platform? Do they honestly want to hear a debate about how the Holocost didn't happen? Or how Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth? Or would they rather hear about Ahwannjihad's tryannical practices in his own country - censorship, hanging people who dress too western and speak against him. (how's that for free speech, Dean?) Or maybe they want to learn more about what he's doing to kill American soldiers in Iraq??

At least everyone's not taking this travesty sitting down.

I just hope the students who attend this speech give this freak hell. I hope they fire rude, tough questions at him and embarrass him. Do you think there's any chance they could redeem the mindset of American youth??? They have that chance.

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