Tuesday, September 4

Shock, Awe, Disgust...

No, I'm not talking about the latest footage of Hillary on the news last night... I'm talking about the most pathetic Saturday of college football I can remember since Boston University announced during half time of its Homecoming game that it was cutting its football program.
(sorry- still bitter about that)

Obviously, the most disgusting Saturday fiasco was the Michigan-Appalachian State upset. For those U of M fans out there, this story should make you feel better (I would just advise you not to read the comments...). Personally, Lloyd's retirement can't come early enough - not if this is how he "prepares" his team for games. You'd think he'd have a little more pride coming after yet another PATHETIC bowl game last winter.

The upset shocked Michigan alums across the nation. My personal favorite was Jeter (the only Yankee I like, as he's from Michigan):

Derek Jeter received lots of ribbing from his teammates after his favorite university, Michigan, which he attended for a semester, was upset by Appalachian State Saturday.

"We were trying to hold off telling him until after the game, but the people in here are ruthless," Torre said. "That's why I had to take him out of the game. He was depressed."

For all the latest on the upset, reaction and consequences, check out the other Free Press articles.

And a parting word to all the gloating Michigan State fans - enjoy your laughter and cheer now; your own team so seldom earns it for you. I hope you've finally found a team that can stay off the drugs long enough to win a few games. Talk to me next time your ranked.

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