Monday, June 4

"Treason Times" stoops to new lows

Check out the home page of the NY Times today - see anything missing? How about that massive plot to blow up fuel lines at JFK???? A plot to kill thousands of Americans and wreak havoc in this newspaper's hometown, as well as with our national economy. (I heard Rush today saying that the terror plot story was on page 30 of the printed edition)

Yes, I supposed who won the tennis match IS more important than a major terror plot uncovered! Wow - there's a reason people call them the "Treason Times." Could they be any more transparent? To not report on a major event that may have been unearthed because of the very methods they want to curtail? (think the Patriot Act, Club Gitmo, etc.)

Now if someone had leaked to the Times that we hadn't caught the suspects yet and wanted to continue surveillance, I'm sure that it would be front page news. They always like to give our enemies a big running start...

It was a good thing I turned on FoxNews on Saturday, or I'm not sure I would have known about the plot at all. (CNN mentioned it briefly every now and then - I'm sure they had more important things to discuss like Paris Hilton's jail sentence)

Atlas does a nice job of summing up the threats we face and the liberal media's complete refusal to acknowledge them.

Just for the record - the media does not approve of our methods of uncovering plots like this, does not think plots of this nature (potentially thousands dead) are worth making much of a fuss about on the front page, does not even think we're really in significant danger of another attack... But you damn well better be sure that they will be all over blaming Bush if anything ever did happen!

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