Friday, April 27

Tin Men

The Wings were looking for their hearts last night... they sure weren't playing with them in their 2-0 loss to the Sharks. The lackluster crowd didn't exactly help.

As a huge, lifelong fan, I really cannot believe the crowd (or lack thereof) all season. Empty seats at the Joe?? Are we living in a parallel universe? And the fans that were there looked half asleep. Are we really that spoiled by how well this team has done over the last 15 years?? Or are we that lazy/broke that we'd rather stay home and watch the game on HD than drop $200 to watch them live? Not sure, but this is disturbing.

Reading through some of the fans' comments from that Free Press article linked to above, I have to agree that Gary Bettman has ruined hockey. (you'll note on my profile, he is listed as one of the things I hate.) The Bruise Brothers were more exciting than just about any of our many, many wins this year. Nowadays you almost feel like you're watching womens' hockey, without as much hitting... They've tried to change a game to appeal to people in stupid expansion cities (another problem) that will never love or understand hockey because the only ice they've ever seen is at the Galleria mall (excluding northern transplants, of course). Meanwhile you have goalies two-handing players with their sticks after the whistle, sucker punches to injured players lying on the ice when the reff's back is turned, more slashing, more injuries, more cheap shots - but we don't dare let anyone throw a punch! Oh, no, no - can't have any of that fighting - it's only what fans in every rink sprang out of their seats for in quicker reaction to the red light flashing, but people in Arizona or Anaheim might not like that...

OK, enough ranting - our Wings are still our Wings and yes, we might also now have the Pistons and Tigers, but we should be ashamed of ourselves for our lackluster support. Are we, or are we not residents of Hockeytown??

If you live in the D - go out and get tickets!!! There are still plenty available. I'll be at the game tomorrow and you'd better believe I won't be sitting quietly.

Go Wings!!!

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