Friday, March 16

And the hypocrisy rolls on...

I'm almost bored writing about Democrat hypocrisy, it's so commonplace as to be generally accepted and expected. But hey, it's Friday, so here goes...

We have the MSM in an uproar over the Bush administration replacing EIGHT U.S. attorneys. You have Congressmen calling for Gonzales's head and the media promising full investigations. Whoo-hoo-hoo.

Where was this outrage when Bill Clinton fired ALL of the U.S. attorneys when he took office? Well, there was some outrage among Republicans, but since we aren't in synch with the MSM, not too many people heard about it back then. Certainly, it was nothing to inspire outrage. Certainly, the MSM didn't feel the need to conduct full investigations.

And what do Bush and Gonzales do? They say mistakes were made. They fumble around like they're playing for the Detroit Lions. They'll probably give up well before the 4th quarter, that's for sure. Gonzales pretty much offered them his head already.

What kind of leadership is this? Is there any fight left among any Republicans in power? Anywhere? Hello?? Anyone alive out there? Are you just going to bend over every time the MSM whines about something? I can certainly understand being weary of having to defend yourself under brutal, relentless attacks day after day, year after year... but you still have terms to fulfill Dubya, Congressmen. So please roll back over and stop playing dead.

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