Wednesday, November 8


We can't be surprised. Based on historical predecent, the party in power always loses seats in the off year elections. We lost - big.

Now, if we were Democrats, we'd be crying, on suicide watch, demanding recounts, and focusing on accusations of voter fraud. But as Republicans, our lives aren't over and we still have a lot to be optomistic about:

-Lincoln Chafee can no longer claim to be a "Republican" senator

-After two years of House leadership, we can hope that more than 20% of Americans will know quite well who Nancy Pelosi is

-We are rational enough to know that, despite how awfully liberal she is, Nancy Pelosi is not as evil as Hitler

-We won't have to hear from the MSM that 4.4% unemployment, lower gas prices, record high Dow, and lower taxes are somehow bad

-We will know who to blame if unemployement is higher, gas prices are higher, and the stock market and economy aren't this fabulous after two years under a Democrat-controlled Congress

-We can take pride in the knowledge that we don't have to take the side of terrorists to win elections

-We can laugh and take comfort that in order for many of these new Democrat congressmen and women to win, they had to run as conservatives

-We can look forward to two years of Democrat wasted capital and retaking Congress in '08

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