Friday, November 3

Amber Alert

An Amber Alert has been issued for the would be new speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has not been seen nor heard from since 10/22. Friends and family are very concerned and Sean Hannity has offered a reward for any sitings of the missing congresswoman. If you have seen or heard from Ms. Pelosi, you are asked to contact authorities immediately.

OK, in all seriousness --we have to ask why the woman the Democrats want to be their House majority leader has been MIA these last 2 weeks leading up to the election. The obvious answer is that she scares the hell out of voters. It has nothing to do with her personally --it's her voting record and extreme liberal beliefs that the Democrats VOTE for, despite knowing that the vast majority of Americans would stage a riot if they actually knew how far their true beliefs went. Most Democrats play this hide and seek game --there's what they say in public v. what they actually believe. There's what they say they want and what they really want. It's pretty pathetic that this party that claims to represent so many Americans has to hide it's real agenda in order to get elected. Don't believe me? Name one specific of any plan they've campaigned on to make America better? They've done a lot of Bush bashing and "we need a change" shouting, yet they don't venture so far as to enlighten us with a hint of what that "change" would entail. Wake up, America.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi would bring to the office a level of left-wing liberalism that will be unprecedented.

In the National Journal's 2005 ideological ratings, which were based on scores of votes, Mrs. Pelosi was ranked more liberal than 91 percent of her House colleagues on economic issues, 96 percent on social matters and 82 percent on foreign-policy issues

So if you want your taxes raised, our military budget slashed, no missile defense system, abortion on demand (even partial birth), huge spending on welfare programs, no domestic oil exploration or drilling, and feel this lady from San Francisco accurately represents your beliefs, by all means vote Democrat next Tuesday.

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