Monday, June 12

Good Riddance, Zarqawi

Sorry for the light blogging of late --The Sage has been busy! Can't believe I'm only just now addressing the kick-ass strike by our military to take out this brutal, psychotic, hate-inciting killer.

I can't tell you how happy I was to wake up last Thursday and hear that Zarqawi was dead. The feeling of good will lasted all the way to work. But when I walked into my office, I heard the libs in the cubes across from me discussing the incident --mere hours after we learned of Zarqawi's death, the conspiracy plots were already flying! These particular libs thought it was far too coincidental that we killed Zarqawi while Bush's poll numbers were so low. (were we supposed to wait for them to skyrocket when we had the chance to take this guy out? because current trends don't suggest that will happen anytime soon...) Turns out, this liberal cynicism was actually mild compared to some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories I've heard since then...

But it got worse. Now the media seem to be turning their attention to how humanely we killed this bastard. (The man with 17 heads buried in boxes around the house we killed him in --and we're supposed to worry about the details of his death???) Not that I think our military did anything improper here, but if they had --who the heck cares??? This is a terrorist we're talking about! He is not even an Iraqi fighting the "occupation" --he is a Jordanian member of the terrorist group who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11, who came into Iraq to kill as many of our military as he could and incite Sunni on Shiite violence! He had no regard for human life; he did not care how many women and children he killed or how the people felt whose heads he was chopping off. It's disgusting how quickly the focus in our media has shifted away from the positive news of his death as they shamelessly try to extract something potentially controversial about the way this killer died.

Rush sums up the "Drive-by Media's" reactions pretty well...

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