Wednesday, May 10

At Least They're Getting Something Done..

Our Republican-controlled Congress may not be able to accomplilsh anything to secure our borders, curtail ambulance-chasing lawyers with liability lawsuit reform, or privatize even 1% of the money we're wasting on social security, but at least they're extending the tax cuts... for two whole years. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they at least were able to extend them that long, but I fear if the country lapses into a stupor long enough to reelect enough Democrats, not only will those tax cuts expire in two years, we'll probably have a nice increase on top of the old rates to look forward to. Still, we should be glad that none of our thin-skinned GOP members of Congress saw the tax cut extension as a reason to jump after Jim and publically display their disapproval of the president who helped get them elected...

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