Wednesday, May 3

Because we need others to tell us how to live our lives....

This might not be the best example, but Detroit's city counsel just banned cell phones while driving, following the lead of many other communist-leaning states. This irks me. I'm a very good driver and I can talk on my phone and drive perfectly fine. And the idiots that do weave around, drive 10 under the limit, or slam on their breaks, etc. whilst on the cell because they can't talk and drive are probably just lousy drivers in the first place.

Is it just me or does it seem like every time I turn around the government is passing another law telling us how to live our lives? On the local news this morning they were talking about how school vending machines will only serve diet pop or sports drinks, or other "healthier" food. Yeah, but what about the really skinny kid with the speedy metabolism that just frickin wants a regular pop? And of course, there are the smoking bans everywhere. Don't leave it up to the individual businesses to decide what appeals most to their particular clientale. No, let's just ban it everywhere because it's bad for you (and if you're California, we'll even ban it from all outdoor, public places). Oh, and let's pass an eminent domain law because the government is better suited to decide what developer is more lucrative than the measly property taxes you're currently paying. Then throw in the PETA freaks who want us to stop eating meat, which I don't think will lead to any governmental regulatons. But then, who knows in today's world? If enough people decide they don't like the tast of lamb and it's "cruel" to kill the cute little lambs and they get the global warming scientists to declare that there's really no health benefit from eating lamb and it could cause cancer if you eat it off a china plate with a floral design (because everything gives you cancer), then the government just might one day decide that since 70% of people are in favor of the lamb ban, they'll vote for it. And if enough people are offended by smelling peoples' breath after eating garlic (second hand garlic!), maybe that will get banned as well.

To sum up, the government wants to tell us where we can live, what we should eat, drink, and not smoke, and what we can do in our cars. What the hell is next? Why don't they just assign our jobs while they're at it?

If Americans care for their freedoms, they need to fight to protect them; Republicans should be leading the charge on this, not pandering like little wimps afraid to offend someone.

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