Tuesday, April 25

Yawn. The economy's good.

I feel the need to keep posting on this, since watching the news you'd never know we were in the midst of one of the best economies ever. Consumer confidence continues to be up, despite the pain of those higher gas prices. Even in this article about confidence being up, the author has to couch it with all of his doom and gloom predictions of experts saying, despite these results, that we're "trending down," etc. (Pssst --we can't talk about the economy being good while Bush is still in office!) Believe me, a fabulous economy like this will not last forever. And when it starts to slow down, that's when the media will tell you the real numbers that we've been experiencing since Bush brought us out of his inherited recession. They'll want something to compare the newest numbers to while gleefully gushing about a slowdown.

As I've mentioned, oh, about 529 times on this blog, consumer spending makes up 2/3 of the U.S. economy. More money in the hands of the consumer = a stronger economy. That's why Bush's tax cuts need to be made permanent. In the light of higher gas prices, if the tax cuts expire and consumers have that much less to spend, look forward to another recession.

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