Monday, April 24

Scarier than the Taliban and open borders...

..under President Hillary Clinton. That's how I feel about the Red Wings' first two playoff games. They were lucky to even eke out a win on Friday.

The one bright spot of yesterday's loss was the effort shown by our 40+ players... Yzerman and Chelios appeared to be the only two players out there who truly wanted to win that game. If the younger folks on the team could play with the kind of effort those two showed, we wouldn't be losing to Edmonton.

(And I'd like to clarify one thing: Yes, it was a trap. That's the only way teams can beat the Wings and seeing as the Wings have faced it in, say, the last TEN YEARS of playoffs, they should have figured out a way to beat it.)

Yet again the Wings look absolutely nothing in the first round of the playoffs like the butt-kicking team of the regular season that could skate circles around the best of them. Doesn't mean it's over yet; after all, I believe we lost our first two games to Vancouver in the first round the last time we won a Cup. And the wings do rock on the road. But they need to pull it together, starting tomorrow night.

On a brigher note, the Tigers have won five straight and the Pistons, as usual, kicked some major toosh at the Palace last night.

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