Wednesday, April 12

I feel so guilty!

Well, I'm back from my long weekend. The Sage has been holding forth in amazing style, hasn't she! *round of applause*

And here I've been at my computer ALL DAY and have NOTHING about which to blog. Bad me. Bad. I was going to blog about CSI:Miami's latest episode being all about the citrus colors - did anyone notice how everyone except Horatio was wearing either orange and white or yellow and white? It was distracting. Or...the latest episode of 24. It was a big, fat yawner. Guess they can't all be winners.

But then I had to stop myself when I remembered this is a POLITICAL blog. Not a TIVO blog. Anyhoodle. I think Sage has the political stuff handled, don't you think? Maybe tomorrow something fun will happen to bite into and blog about. Who knows.

In the meantime, though, mad props to Sage. Yay, Sage.

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