Monday, April 10

A Great Time to Live in the D

Had you told me a year ago that we'd be lamenting the Tigers first loss of the year after winning 5 straight (their best start since 1985), I'd never have believed you. I just can't remember the Tigers being any good in a long, long time... just a few years ago, we were contending for the most losses in a single season of any team in baseball's history. Sadly, we fell just a few games short of the mark. But the Tigers are looking good so far this year; let's hope they keep it up! And congrats to all the lucky fans who took the day off work to be with the Tigers for opening day... which, I'll add, will not be held in the snow this year. It's supposed to be 63 and sunny. Wish I was there.

And of course, there are the Red Wings. This is Hockeytown and we're looking forward to the playoffs. Jason Williams is the 8th Wing this year with 20 goals, Stevie Y. is on an 11 game point streat, and we've pretty much got home ice wrapped up for the duration of the post-season.

And how bout that Deeeeeetroit Basketball?? Also looking for home court advantage throughout the playoffs; we aren't going for another 7th game heartache this year. This year's Pistons are arguably one of the best teams EVER to exist in any sport.

Now if only we could get those Lions to break the curse...

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