Wednesday, April 12

Immigration Update

A Detroit company recently fired workers who skipped work to attend the pro-illegal immigrant rally in Detroit last Monday. To read this article, you can't help but feel sympathy for these poor, fired workers who were just "standing up for their rights." Yes, we all know reporters have their opinions and unfortunately let them reflect upon their journalism. But let's take a step back here.

The fired women were "undocumented" immigrants (that's the liberal Detroit News' way of saying illegal immigrants). So these illegal immigrants come here and get jobs, which they value so much that they're willing to disobey their supervisors and skip out on their jobs to attend a rally supporting their illegal status.

What the paper should be doing is praising this company for firing people here illegally. It is fair, Mercedes, because you never should have been hired in the first place. Go back and get in line behind the other 500,000 people around the world who are waiting to legally immigrate to our country.

In other news, more postering by wimpy Republican senators... I don't think any of the bills proposed have included making illegal immigrants felons; they have proposed making it a felony for a business to hire illegal immigrants. That makes perfect sense and is a sure fire way to stop the problem --you aren't felonizing the poor people who just want to come here to find work, but you make the employers stop hiring them by making it a crime; you take away the demand and the supply will soon dry up. Current postering about this by Frist et all is almost as bad as Hillary and The Swimmer claiming the proposal to penalize businesses hiring illegals was really going to hurt poor priests and charity givers...

And for Pedro's sake, will someone tell me where the ACLU is on this?? They'll fight all day to perserve peoples' right to burn the American flag, but apparently burning the Mexican flag is now a criminal offense. Mind, I'm not defending what this man did --I don't like to see a flag burned from any country; it shows complete disrespect and ignorance. But something tells me this won't get quite as much attention from the angry left as if someone was simply exercising their free speech rights by burning the stars and stripes.

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