Monday, April 10

Go Back to Work

Is anyone else seriously annoyed with these pro-illegal immigrant protests? First off, I'm thinking --there are thousands of illegals demonstrating who are (a.) breaking the CURRENT law by being in this country illegally, (b.) benefitting from social services here paid for by my taxes, and (c.) flaunting it in my face. This problem of illegal immigration is troubling enough when they're just going quietly about their business; now they're actually out in the streets demanding things? They aren't even citizens yet and they already have demands? (Hmmm, what party do you think they'll vote for???)

Two questions come to mind:

1. If these people are the so-called backbone of our economy, how can so many of them not go to work today with absolutely no disruption to our economy?

2. Why aren't there immigration officers surrounding these crowds, hoarding them into transport vehicles, and shipping them back to Mexico? People keep complaining about the cost of finding and then deporting them; seems they're making the whole finding them thing easy

To give you an idea of the type of people supporting these illegals... At a rally in Portland, Maine a counter-protester got beat in the head by an illegal immigrant supporter. And what is the reaction from this tolerant protest organizer?

"When you promote violence, you get violence," said the Rev. Virginia Maria Rincon, one of the organizers. "Our rally is about promoting a peaceful dialogue."

Oh, so it's OK to beat up people who don't agree with you because you just came there to peacefully protest. Yeah, I get it. Though somehow I don't think her reaction would be so benign if it had been an illegal immigrant who was assaulted. No, she'd probably be calling in the ACLU to make sure that the offending Americans' house was confiscated and given to the illegals who felt "threatened" by the American citizen's actions. (I'm not pulling that out of thin air; that actually happened, only it was someone's family ranch given to an illegal he threatened for tresspassing on his property...)

In other news, I don't know why it's surprising to anyone that the entire Hispanic community does not support these illegal immigrant protesters. (Maybe it's mostly members of the Hispanic community who are here LEGALLY that have isssues with those breaking the law...)

Sheesh. Let's see what those geniuses in Congress can come up with to solve our little 11 million person (and growing) problem.

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