Friday, April 7

Global Warming Reminder

Thanks to Drudge for this reminder about how sane scientists were explaining global warming in the 90s...

Some highlights:

Careful studies over the last 20 years show that its overall brightness and energy output increases slightly as sunspot activity rises to the peak of its 11-year cycle.

The sun is currently at its most active for 300 years.

Using ancient tree rings, they show that 17 out of 19 warm spells in the last 10,000 years coincided with peaks in solar activity. <> They have also studied other sun-like stars and found that they spend significant periods without sunspots at all, so perhaps cool spells should be feared more than global warming.

I don't know about you, but explaining climate change by the activities of the star that makes it possible for us to sustain life, that is thousands of times larger than our own planet, seems a lot more plausible than man's pollution over the last 100 years. Especially when you look at the history of the earth and know that our climate has changed drastically over the years, well before man was even around.

The most interesting statement in this article that blows these environmentalist whackos out of the water:

The researchers point out that much of the half-a-degree rise in global temperature over the last 120 years occurred before 1940 - earlier than the biggest rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

Oh, really? So most of the temperature increase happened before 1940? I believe that was about 40 years BEFORE the SUV. The worst gas emissions/pollution ever in this country was in the late 60s/70s... yet the most significant increase in global temperature came well before that.

You mean it's not man's fault? Evil man? You mean the sun is more powerful than greedy capitalists? You mean if we all rode our bikes to our government guaranteed jobs and used solar panels to heat our buildings and blew up all the SUV dealerships that the sun might STILL cause the earth's temperature to change?

Well, the sensible people will understand this, but try explaining it to an American/capitalist-hating whacko like this guy...

OK, it's Friday. Everyone, screw up your faces into a distorted, crazed, maniacle expression... let those eyes bug out... ruffle your hair a bit... (it helps if you've recently grown a beard). Now that you're ready, take a deep breath and yell "We've been BETRAAAAAAAAAAAYED!" Feel better? Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: Another article calling out Global Warming for what it is --a policitcal fiasco. A scare tactic by rabid, environmentalist whackos bent on destroying capitalism and evil man's "exploiting" of the earth. It also points out some of the same stats as the previously cited article from 1998 --that most of the warming over the last 100 years happened prior to 1940; that there was actually a cooling period b/t 1940- 1965, when auto emissions were most rapidly increasing. But it also points out that between 1998 and 2005, the earth's temperature has actually slightly decreased. Yes, this with the evolution of the SUV.

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