Thursday, March 2

From the DUmp.

Holy cow. This is a thread worth reading - although it will take you a long time to get through it all. It's worth it, though. It showcases the intolerance these so-called "tolerant" Dems are capable of.

A poster at the Democrat Underground called "Sad Little Pony" (wierd name, whatever) announces he's back from serving in Iraq with the Marines. He mentions getting to see his new baby for the first time and offers to answer any questions the DU-ers had.

It started off all nice and whatnot, then they started accusing him of being a "Freeper Troll" because he wasn't telling them what they wanted to hear. (i.e. morale is low, troops hate Bush, we're losing, etc.)

Long story short, the DU ends up "tombstoning" him (meaning banning him) for being a troll, even though he never once was rude or insulting to anyone - his crime was not falling into lockstep with the DU Groupthink Hive. Amazing.

The story ends with The Sad Little Pony showing up at the Conservative Underground after being banned at the DUmp, and of course the Republicans at the CU were more than happy to talk to him and hear about his experiences.

Amazing what a total pile of garbage the DU is. They tombstone (ban) a long-time, contributing member of theirs because he didn't happen to agree with them. A veteran. A marine. Who was THERE. *shaking head*

Go read it if you have time.
Hey, at least there's a happy ending.

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