Thursday, March 2

Book Day Meme!

We've been tagged by the Yak for some Book Day meme-ing. He wants to know what we're reading. The Sage right now is reading...well, she's doing work stuff so I'll have to track her down and find out later. But she's always reading really interesting stuff.

The Patriotette (me) just finished reading the Poisonwood Bible which even though it came highly recommended, I had a hard time getting into it. Ms. Kingsolver writes in a very hypnotic manner, which in and of itself was entertaining - but I guess I just didn't really care much about the content. Hey, to each his/her own, right?

Also, I just picked up Michael Crichton's book State of Fear. I originally wanted to stop reading it in utter disgust. At first glance it seems to defend Global Warming, and I initially thought "oh super, I just paid for six million pages of propaganda". The Sage assured me it was worth the read. So I'll continue with it.

Other than that, I'm reading (almost constantly) What to Expect When You're Expecting. (ha.)

Sage? What are you reading?

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