Thursday, March 2

It's still winter in New Falluja.

Just in case anyone forgot. We had freezing rain this morning which turned into sleet. Super.

But I gotta say, I love having a blog, because as I was grumbling to myself and scowling at the 3" thick sheet of ice on my windshield I thought, "hey, I can blog about this!" It's nice to have a place to vent, isn't it? Can make life's annoying situations almost fun if you think about it in terms of being material for a blog post.

Like when I got to 10 mile and Woodward and some idiot in a white Envoy decided I was going too slow and literally tried to insert her front bumper into the back of my Jeep Liberty - in the hopes that I'd maybe go faster on the sheet of black ice on which we were both driving. The lane next to me was empty, by the way. When she finally did change lanes in exasperation, she shot ME an evil look like I was the idiot. Um...lady? May you skid on ice and realize why it is we drive slower on mornings like this. (didn't wish any harm to her or her precious Envoy, but I really would have felt better if she had at least skidded a TAD. Does that make me a bad person?)

Then at 10 and Southfield nobody seemed to want to accelerate at the green light. I think they thought that if they applied the gas perhaps they'd skid out of control and be lost forever. So there I sat, at the intersection, (the light changes very quickly as it is) for 7 cycles. I counted.

Hope everyone else had a non-eventful commute this morning!

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