Monday, January 23

Monday morning. Again.

Why is it that every Monday I read the news and sigh? I look and look for an inspiration for a post and I come up empty. Even Drudge didn't give me anything to go with this morning. So...instead, I found some little gems from Debbie Schlussel and others - gems that gave me a chuckle or two. Hope you enjoy.

First up is Ms. Schlussel's post about The View, more specifically Star Jones - who annoys me to no end, by the way. Now that I realize most celebrites are reality-challenged, reading their inane comments don't upset me anymore - they make me snicker. Stupid people are funny. And Star's latest is laugh-out-loud funny.

Next is the reason - in a nutshell - why I don't read Glamour, Cosmo, Elle, Vanity Fair, or Marie Claire anymore. I used to look forward to airline travel because the minute I'd get to the airport, after I checked in, I'd go to the newsstand and buy all of the above and catch up on vapidity while I wait to board and then during the flight. However, over time, I realized that I was being made fun of in their pages. (again, not me personally, but my beliefs, my values...all these things were being scoffed at)

I was being told that: promiscuity is applauded, and is a great cure for stress and boredom. Doesn't matter with whom you are sleeping, as long as you're with someone. (because if you're "single"? Woah, are YOU a loser.) You must buy these "bargain" $850 flip-flops to be "current" because after all, Jessica Simpson has them. Hillary Clinton is a woman to emulate because of her strength of character and intelligence. Laura Bush is a dumpy housefrau and we pity her, but isn't she cute?

On and on and on, ad nauseum. I finally got the hint and realized these publishers didn't really want ME as a reader - apparently I don't fit their demographic. So now I'm a big Allure, Lucky, Cooking Light and Every Day with Rachel Ray reader. (with Allure and Lucky I still get my "you gotta have this really expensive niffnaw right NOW" jones satisfied without the "if you're not sleeping around and wearing these $800 flip-flops while bashing Bush, opposing the war and exhorting the wonderfulness of Hillary Clinton we think you're a big square" crap.)

Okay. There's my Monday rant for ya'll. I feel better. Don't you?

Speaking of Hollywood liberals, the West Wing has been cancelled. Law & Order has been moved to compete directly with "Lost". Seems NBC is having some issues with disseminating their liberal talking points...

Michelle Malkin has a Saturday Night Live video you MUST see.

Frank J. at IMAO is a chickenhawk and proud of it! (Update: No, he's not. Harvey at IMAO is a proud chickenhawk. We'll check back to see if Frank J. weighs in on the subject.)

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