Thursday, March 27

Working for our enemies

This is rich. It turns out that a trip three anti-war Democrat congressmen made to Iraq prior to the war was funded by Saddam Hussein! I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that these congressmen had no knowledge that Saddam had any role in funding the venture. But it's very telling -we've long been making the point that the anti-US, anti-military, anti-war rhetoric and actions of many Democrat lawmakers gives aid and comfort to our enemies. Just listening to the latest bin laden speech is proof enough, as he regurgitates Democrat talking points. And now we see how Saddam tried to use these dupes to help his cause! He knew where to go for sympathies. He knew his great hope for continuing his brutal, murderous regime and reaching his dreams of WMDs depended on the Democrat party of the United States!

Update: Apparently, the senators knew they were being used, but didn't mind it...

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