Wednesday, March 12

State of... Embarrassment

Did anyone in New Fallujah catch Kwame's State of the City address last night? What a joke! He lambasted the city counsel (we need to move on, we have more important things to discuss). I could maybe see the argument for that if, say, his offenses didn't include perjury as he tried to ruin the lives and careers of two upstanding Detroit police officers in the process! And I won't even talk about the taxpayer dollars he's wasted. The "text message scandal" is only the latest in a long line of Kwame's shady dealings. Oh- did I mention he threw out the "N" word? Talk about desperation...

This quote from the Free Press article sums things up nicely:

"The last five minutes of that speech was stupid, childish and in the vein of our gangster mayor," said Detroit resident Thomas Ward, 19. "When he was defending his position and his family he should have stopped right there, but he continued on in that strange manner. To have a press conference about the state of the city devolve into a circus does not look good. It only discredits him."

Here's further opinion of the mayor's defensive, desperate speech.

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