Friday, March 14

Revealing Preaching of Jeremiah Wright

Recently videos of Obama's preacher and "spiritual mentor" have surfaced. I can't find the one FoxNews has been showing all morning where he claims the U.S. invented HIV AIDS in an effort at "genocide" against African Americans and then goes on to say that we brought 9/11 upon ourselves, but here's his "God D*** America" clip.

This is the man who married Barrack and Michelle Obama and baptized their children. This is a man who Obama tries to pass off as a "crazy uncle" who sometimes says things you don't agree with (which was why he went to hear him preach on Sunday for 20 years?).

Now that we know a little more about the Obamas' "spiritual mentor," Michelle Obama's statement that this (Obama's successful primary campaign) was the first time she has ever been "proud of her country" finally has some context, don't you think?

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