Wednesday, August 29

Liberal Kook of the Week

This week's honors go to Democrat presidential candidate, John Edwards, who's great plans for the future of our country are that Americans sacrifice unnecessarily. In this case, he doesn't think we'll "mind" giving up our SUVs. (His wife has already lamented that she'll be giving up tangerines for the benefit of the country.) Wow. The future sure looks bright under these two!

This would be laughable if there weren't something so morally wrong with this idea. WHY must Americans sacrifice? What great, pressing disasterous threat looms over us that we must sacrifice, give up the SUV's that we like to drive, stop buying fruit grown more than two states away, use one square of toilet paper, etc. - what is it that we should all be fearful of, that only big government can protect us from?? Ahhhh, that's right - global warming. Well, you all know my thoughts on that - it's a complete crock that man effects the temparature of this planet. Period. Those who would have you believe otherwise have a political agenda.

It's sad how many people fall into this trap. As Ayn Rand says - the sanction of the victims is necessary for any abuses against them. Americans let these nuts like Edwards make them feel guilty - we're too prosperous, we use too much energy, we don't sacrifice enough for the environment. These people need to wake up and ask themselves WHY Democrats want you to feel so guilty.

The fact is - we may not like it, but we can afford $3 a gallon gas. We're still buying SUV's and we're still driving as much as we did before; our commutes to work didn't change because the price of gas went up. The fact is that many people don't like paying $90 to fill up their tank and are looking for more fuel efficient cars; the private auto companies are producing more hybrids and small cars and improving gas mileage for us. They are experimenting with alternative sources of fuel like E85 and fuel cell technology. The most pressing reason to move foward with this is to lessen our dependence on unstable regions of the world where we currently get most of our oil; short term solutions would be more domestic drilling and huge tax breaks for companies to build refineries right here at home.

There is no reason that we should feel guilty for anything we have - our prosperity, our technology, our SUVs or our Quilted Northern. There is no reason for us to sacrifice anything - this isn't World War II here - we don't need to start donating our old tires and rationing our food just yet... Nor will we have to so long as capitalism and freedom prevail.

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