Friday, June 29

London Terror Plot Thwarted

Thank God a car bombing terror plot in London was thwarted last night by some quick-thinking, alert citizens and the police officers they called. This article gives a detailed account of what we know happened (they're suspecting al queada involvement), but the best part of this link is the comments section. The British aren't too different from us - they also have their handful of crazy liberal kooks who think Bush, Blair and their own country are responsible for the murderous fanatacism of these terrorist freaks. But the majority of people know better and recognize the threat for what it is.

(Now if someone could just remind them that Saddam was a murderous, brutal, inhumane dictator who was violating U.N. resolutions left and right and had the entire world convinced of his WMD program, we'd be 100% on the same page...)

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