Tuesday, June 19

Will Republicans make such a HUGE mistake?

It dawned on my why the Democrats want this amnesty/immigration bill passed, but I'm still befuddled in attempting to discern any reasoning from Republicans...

From a political perspective, because President Bush is supporting this immigration bill, the country is by and large considering this a Republican bill. (Let's ignore the fact that Democrat-controlled Congress has to vote on it) I can't remember the last time that I have seen such unified opposition to a bill/issue by the American populace in BOTH parties. Not only does this bill anger conservatives and Republicans like me into a sense of betrayal and outrage, but when the 12 million becomes 36 million 10 years from now, it will be the Republicans and their immigration bill that most will blame. (except, of course, the illegals, who will be enjoying our welfare and social programs too much not to support the Democrats) I hope that our so-called leaders wake up and realize, that in addition to being extremely detrimental to our country at large, this bill hints of political suicide.

Of course the other reason Democrats want amnesty is to change the electorate. They don't like America, that's the plain truth - but that's another post.

The American Thinker (a GREAT site!) had a post the other day about what they feel is a "Conservative Sellout." I highly suggest reading this entire article.

Some excerpts:

It is a truth not often spoken but plainly obvious that many liberals do not like their own country and consequently pursue policies which they hope will harm it. Nothing could illustrate this better than the current immigration bill, for how can the open borders and amnesty be good for America? Only a madman or a seriously deluded republican could ever think so.

The first part liberals heed with fanatical zeal as they would rather shout ‘bigot' and ‘racist' a thousand times than to give one inch to the other side. The latter part they also keep close to their hearts but in a perfectly inverted manner, ready as they are always to give in where honor and good sense are concerned. This is why they almost never tell the truth or advocate policies that actually work. Case in point: open borders and amnesties.

If anything, the Democrats must have been shocked by how easily they got everything they could ever dream of in that grand ‘compromise.' The Republican sellout was complete and, somewhat surprisingly, entirely voluntary. The Democrats received it all on a silver platter and they did not even have to dance for it.

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