Friday, June 22

Liberal Kook of the Week

How many times is Pelosi going to get this honor??

Republican Congressman Steve King wants to pass an amendment that would restrict taxpayer dollars being used to shuttle Ms. Pelosi to countries that sponsor terrorism. Sounds reasonable, right?

Pelosi's response (via her spokesman):

“How can anyone take this amendment seriously, especially when it comes on the same day that Bush Administration officials are in North Korea?[Yes- the key words being 'Bush Administration officials' - you know, the ones authorized by the Constitution to conduct foreign policy] And why would anyone think it is responsible to restrict the ability of the Speaker of the House to bring the concerns of the American people to foreign leaders? It is part of the Speaker’s job,” [um, no - actually, it's not] said spokesman Nadeam Elshami, a spokesman for Pelosi. “This amendment is a cheap political stunt that just won’t fly.”

A cheap political stunt was flying to Israel and Syria after the President had advised her not to, then dabbling in foreign affairs by misleading both the Israelis and Syrians, who were none too happy about her meddling. In fact, Israel had to issue an official correction after Pelosi's visit since the information she relayed to the Syrians was inaccurate. However, the Syrians were very appreciative of the lovely headscarf Pelosi donned for her tour.

If this amendment passes, we're afraid Ms. Pelosi will have to restrict her overseas trips to important glacier expeditions.

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