Thursday, June 21

It's Official

Congress stinks. Their confidence level is at an all-time low - even HMO's are slightly better regarded than Congress these days. Maybe if they actually tried to represent the views of their constituents instead of fighting for amnesty bills, we might at least bring that confidence level up to the low 20s...

On another note, that article had a link about how Americans in general have a "sour" attitude about life. Hmmm, this is just my unscientific opinion, but could this perhaps have something to do with our media?

When was the last time you turned on the news and heard anything good? When was the last time you heard a politician give a speech about how great America is? (Oh, I miss Ronnie!) Everything is presented to us as BAD. Global warming - we're all going to DIE! The Iraq war - we hear about every dead American soldier, but not much about progress or dead insurgents (silly- we actually have to hear about these things directly from the troops...); gas prices will be $6 a gallon soon! (can we be any more alarmist in that respect? - nice of the media to scare us about high prices without asking the obvious questions about why we don't have more refineries in America or haven't started drilling in Alaska 8 years ago); good news about the economy is downplayed (our extremely low unemployment rate, strong stock market, etc. etc.), yet all we seem to hear is agonoy over lost manufacturing jobs. I could go on - but are you seeing my point? All we hear is negative, bad, doom, gloom every day. What the hell are we supposed to be happy about???

UPDATE: Urrrrghghh: Reason 5,738 why Congress sucks.

I'm starting a new "Throw the Bums Out" movement - who's with me? I say wipe the whole slate clean - get rid of every a** in Congress, Republican and Democrat, and start afresh with people who might actually do something GOOD for the country, for a big change!

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