Wednesday, March 7

Witch-hunt Update

My blood has really been boiling since I heard the verdict that Libby was guilty. Yet I tried to believe that a jury just wouldn't convict a man of a felony that he could go to jail for unless they truly thought he intentionally lied. Then I read this - Juror # 10 hoping that Bush pardons Libby. In her own words:

Ann: Yeah, I think in the big picture, um, it kind of bothers me that there was this whole big crime being investigated and he got caught up in the investigation as opposed to in the actual crime that was supposedly committed.

Are you frickin' kidding me?? If it bothered you so much, how could you convict? And even this juror says the crime was "supposedly committed." Because there was no crime! Plame was not covert! And if she were and her name was revealed, no one knew what she looked like until she and her husband gleefully posed for magazine covers! Then I've been hearing snippits since the verdict (that I can't confirm yet) that one of the jurors worked for the Washington Post, that the jury sent a note to the judge 10 days into deliberations asking for clarification of exactly what Libby was being charged with, that while the issue of whether Plame was covert could not be debated or argued in court, the prosecution used words like "covert" in his closing remarks, insinuating that Plame was covert. This whole thing was just a joke - and a travesty of justice.

Now the blood is boiling so profusely I think it will start evaporating as I come back to what I always come back to - the hypocrisy of the Democrats. How many AWFUL, ILLEGAL things do they get away with, meanwhile Scooter Libby could go to jail for THIS? How about Rep. Patrick Kennedy CRASHING HIS CAR AT 3 a.m. - obviously wasted, but claiming it was just his perscription meds. NO PROSECUTION for that. Nothing. He walks away. (actually, I think he was given a ride home by the kindly police officers - who we all know would do the same for you and me, right?) How about Sandy Berger stuffing classified documents down his pants? How about Rep. William Jefferson videotaped taking a bribe and the FBI finding $90K in cash inside his freezer?? (He's now on the Homeland Security Committee) The list goes on and on. Where is the media outrage? Where are the months and months of endless coverage about how very evil these people are? Where is their jail time?

As usual, Ann can say it better than me - with even more evidence of this disgusting hypocrisy. She explains why it's illegal to be Republican in her latest column - a MUST READ. And I agree with her - if Bush doesn't pardon Libby, he'll be acting like an even bigger faggot than John Edwards.

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