Friday, June 30

Weekend round-up

There was a story on Drudge today --apparently, Superman is no longer American. The directors have purposely taken the "American way" reference from the classic line Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way."

Their rationale:

"So, you play the movie in a foreign country, and you say, 'What does he stand for? -- truth, justice and the American way.' I think a lot of people's opinions of what the American way means outside of this country are different from what the line actually means (in Superman lore) because they are not the same anymore," Harris says. "And (using that line) would taint the meaning of what he is saying."

I don't think the "American way" has changed much for Republicans and other patriotic Americans since Superman was first invented. We still believe this is the best country on earth and that the ideals of freedom and a capitalist democracy that existed back then are still just as important and worth fighting to preserve as they were then. But heaven forbid anyone in Hollywood try to create a positive impression of the American way. If they aren't bashing America or bemoaning its many problems, then they just won't say anything about their country at all. In fact, we have them, along with liberal Democrats and papers like the "Treason Times," to thank in large part for the world's negative opinions of the U.S. As if trying to replace Christopher Reeve wasn't enough, this is just another reason I won't be flocking to the box office this weekend...

Speaking of the Times, Ann Coulter lays down the law in her most recent, most excellently written post about Treason. Some excerpts:

...the Bush administration is sounding very cross — and doing nothing. Bush wouldn't want to get the press mad at him! Yeah, let's keep the media on our good side like they are now. Otherwise, they might do something crazy — like leak a classified government program monitoring terrorist financing

Maybe treason ended during the Vietnam War when Jane Fonda sat laughing and clapping on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American pilots. She came home and resumed her work as a big movie star without the slightest fear of facing any sort of legal sanction.

Fast forward to today, when New York Times publisher "Pinch" Sulzberger has just been named al-Qaida's "Employee of the Month" for the 12th straight month.

And what would the round-up be without a story about penis pumps... Not making this up. A judge was actually convicted yesterday of using said device in his courtroom --while court was in session! On multiple occasions! Now this guy's got issues...

That's it for the Sage this week --hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend! Don't forget what we're celebrating --the founding of the greatest country on earth. The day when a bunch of brave, intelligent capitalists decided enough was enough with Britain's taxes. When they came together to declare the independence of this nation, a nation they would craft into a beacon for all the world of freedom, hope, and prosperity. God bless the U.S.A.

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