Thursday, June 22

WMDs - A Non-Issue

Leading up to the war in Iraq, Democrats who could not grasp Bush's overall plan to fight terrorism or understand the other 15 reasons he gave us for going into Iraq, were at last convinced by the threat of Saddam's WMDs. The knowledge that Saddam had WMDs was based on world intelligence, believed by all countries, including a former U.S. president (clinton) and presidential hopeful (kerry). The potential threat of Saddam's WMDs finding their way into the hands of terrorists was even enough to convince those spineless doves on the left that we should take out Saddam.

After we invaded and WMDs weren't dripping from trees and floating in the rivers, "BUSH LIED!!!" came the cries from the rabid left. They were certain that no WMDs existed, that world intelligence had been 100% wrong on this issue (and of course, Bush was responsible for gathering all of that world intelligence from every other country on this planet), and going into Iraq was wrong. They completely ignored all of the other reasons for taking Saddam out, that they had never understood or accepted at the beginning anyway (and this from the supposedly compassionate party who cares about the human rights of terrorists, but not Iraqi citizens...) and screamed their chicken heads off about the lack of WMDs, which they declared was the "only" reason we went into Iraq. (They were, of course, partially correct, since it had been the only reason that had been able to penetrate their excessively thick skulls). All we have heard about for the past two years is their hysterical cries of "where are the WMDs?" and their favorite --"Bush lied!" Any small evidence of WMDs found prior to yesterday was ignored; any evidence of terrorist connections was ignored.

Now we find out from a recently declassified report that approximately 500 weapons containing mustard or sarin nerve gas were found and we believe there is more yet to be found. WMDs! In Iraq! You'd think this would be the biggest story around, that it's all the MSM would be talking about. After all, they've been consumed with the lack of WMDs for so long now, you'd think, given the attention that went to WMDs, finding some would also be a big story. Not so. Suddenly, WMDs seem to be a non-issue. No big deal. Oh, they were old. Pre-1991, after all. No big deal. Sure, maybe they could still kill in the hands of terrorists, but after all, they weren't dripping off trees and floating in rivers as we expected.

An excerpt from the article:

The official said the findings did raise questions about the years of weapons inspections that had not resulted in locating the fairly sizeable stash of chemical weapons. And he noted that it may say something about Hussein's intent and desire. The report does suggest that some of the weapons were likely put on the black market and may have been used outside Iraq.

Weapons inspections ("Let the inspection process work! Wah!") didn't work; they didn't find these. Why was Saddam saving them? Perhaps to use? Perhaps to sell on the black market to terrorists? I really wouldn't have put it past him.

At the end of the day this story shows, for the 4,567th time, the absolute intellectual dishonesty of the MSM and the libs. Though, I will say, it gives us something to look forward to --last night the Reverend Al Sharpton told Bill O'Reilly that he would come back on his show to formally apologize for calling Bush a liar if these reports prove to be true. We'll be waiting...

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