Wednesday, June 14

Dubya's Surprise Visit

As you know, President Bush made a surprise trip to Iraq yesterday to give assurance to the new Iraqi PM that when the U.S. gives a commitment, we stick to it, and to bolster morale among U.S. troops there.

Despite our recent grievances over Dubya's immigration policy views, we have to admire him his steadfastness and resolve in this current conflict and his understanding of the war on terror and how to fight it, which he has not backed away from. It would be hoping too much that rabid, America-hating liberals out there will ever understand the significance of this fight or how we need to go about winning it. See, "winning" is against their nature, at least when it's America winning. They didn't understand the conflict with the Soviet Union, and therefore cannot understand why Reagan is credited with ending the Cold War. And they can't grasp the fact that being nice to terrorists isn't going to keep us any safer. But one would hope they'd at least admit, in secret, that Dubya has style...

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