Thursday, April 27

Let's Get Out the Brooms for Dallas and Barry Melrose

Barry Melrose has to be the most annoying hockey commentator in existance. He's obviously let his fame go to his very hideously styled head. (the hair! It's not 1988 anymore!) And though he hails from Canada, clearly the years out in L.A. have had an adverse reaction upon him.

On last night's Sports Center, he's still trying to stick by his ridiculous prediction that the Dallas Stars will win the Cup this year (despite their being down 3-0 to Colorado in the series). He was lamenting how the Stars haven't been looking that great lately (really?). And he actually said (repeatedly) that they weren't playing like the Stars played when they were "winning the Stanley Cup." He kept alluding to their Cup years. Cup years? They won a measely ONE Stanely Cup. and I think Buffalo fans would have something to say about whether or not the win was even legitimate. (And for all you impartial fans out there, Hull's foot was CLEARLY in the crease; the goal never should have counted. The reffs should have been fired for not reviewing this one.) So here's a team that's been in Dallas for a whopping 9 years, and Barry's acting like they're some great hockey team with a dynasty of Cups behind them. When they were winning Cups. Sheesh.

For those of you who are a little rusty, here are some interesting facts about the most famous trophy in sports and a list of Cup winners. You'll note that Detroit is second only to Montreal, with 10 Cup victories. You'll find Dallas there once if you look really hard.

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