Tuesday, January 31

State of the Union address tonight

President George W. Bush delivers his fourth State of the Union Address at the U.S. Capitol, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2005.  White House photo by Eric DraperThe Sage and I will be "live-blogging" the SOTU tonight - and I'm sure the Sage will ask me to subject myself to the dem's "response", too. Being pregnant and all, I can't drink myself into a nice, pleasant haze through which to watch it, either. Maybe I'll have her sit through it instead.

Via Drudge is a rather suprisingly pessimistic, scowl-y pre-emptive article about expectations for the speech tonight:
President Bush will deliver his fifth State of the Union address Tuesday after arguably the worst year of his presidency, looking to reinvigorate confidence in his leadership and the U.S. role in the world.

"Arguably the worst"? Based on...what. The MSM's opinion? Their slanted reporting? He's doing a great job, and has been doing a great job. Had a Democrat president been doing and accomplishing what he's done and accomplished, they'd be erecting monuments in his honor. But, he's a Republican. So...let's make up stuff about "domestic" wiretapping and "lying" and cry about how "bad" the economy is.

He will argue that his program to secretly eavesdrop on communications between people in the United States and suspected terrorists overseas is not only legal, but necessary, despite the questions raised by legal experts. He'll urge Congress to renew the controversial portions of the anti-terrorism USA Patriot Act, set to expire Friday and blocked by lawmakers insisting on new privacy safeguards.

They start out stating the truth - "
eavesdrop on communications between people in the United States and suspected terrorists overseas" but then add "despite questions raised by legal experts". These so-called "experts" are parroting the same stupid lie that it's "domestic" wiretapping.
Anyway, I won't go through and fisk the whole thing. It's a busy Tuesday here!

SOTU, circa 2005.

See also Michelle Malkin's round-up.

More tonight!

UPDATE: Peakah of Peakah's Provocations has another good reason to watch tonight:
You never know whether or not Kennedy's lid is going to finally blow as he gyrates uncontrollably in his seat while the DT's creep in, whether the staples holding Pelosi's face on suddenly give way revealing her true identity, or if the Prez is going to turn into a stammering mess as he attempts to lay out his strat-eeeeg-ery.

I sure wish there was a cam on Algore's cell in the insane asylum so we can watch him turn every possible shade of purple.
Now *that's* funny.

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