Friday, January 27

Pre-blogging the Superbowl

What would a blog from New Fallujah be without some form of commentary on the upcoming Super Bowl festivities - from the "front lines" as it were. As you all know, the Superbowl and all the associated festivites is coming to Ford Field February 5th.

Some people we know are a bit concerned about terrorism on that day, seeing as how Dearborn is a hop, skip, and a jump from Detroit - and Dearborn has the highest population of Arabs and Muslims this side of Iraq.

Debbie Schlussel found a story announcing that a bomb was found on a Mesaba commuter flight out of Detroit Metro. "It also raises questions regarding whether terrorists are testing the system just prior to the Superbowl, here."

They're probably going to have a rather hard time of it, seeing as how..."the FBI and Detroit Police will open one of the largest security operations in U.S. history, guarding against any threats to Super Bowl XL and aided by more than 50 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Including private security guards, there will be upward of 10,000 security personnel on duty in Detroit for the Super Bowl, rivaling the security for any other one-day event in U.S. history and on a scale with a presidential inauguration, the FBI says, capping 18 months of intensive preparations. It would be a larger force than any previous Super Bowl."

Not to mention - if you think New Yorkers are tough, try instigating something in downtown Detroit. Instigating something in, say, Birmingham or Troy might be met with a "feh" and a few eye rolls. But in the D? You're liable to lose an appendage or worse.

I just hope that nothing embarassing happens. I'm not talking about a tragic full-scale terrorist attack, here, I'm talking about some idiot shooting someone downtown over his sneakers. Or just because. We were embarassed before when the Superbowl XVI was in the Silverdome - complete with an ice rink for parking, terrible weather, no accomodations for reporters and was a trainwreck.
(this is from an Hour Detroit story I read yesterday - and of course they don't have an online edition.)

It's going to be a very exciting weekend for us native Detroiters, though. I'm sure we'll all be on celebrity watch like we were during the finals 2 years ago. (the conservaMom almost got her foot stepped on by none other than Kobe Bryant at a Birmingham movie theater!)

I'm sure we'll have more to say as the date nears.

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