Monday, November 28

Another Christmas post

Let's not forget in the midst of all the Christmas controversy out there that Christmas is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

Yep, it is. Just like Thanksgiving or Memorial Day. Our other national holidays have a history behind them, just like Christmas. So why are we ignoring the history behind Christmas? The government did not decide to make Dec. 25 a national holiday because it's close to Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and don't forget Twelfth Night and Boxing Day! Gee, seems like a good time to have a "holiday" and "holiday sales" and "holiday parties" and "holiday breaks." They chose Dec. 25 because that is the day Christians celebrate the birth of Christ and that day is not only now a religious holiday, but an historic American day of celebration, as this country was founded by Christians and still claims about 90% of the population as Christian.

So when are we going to stop caring when people are offended by stupid things? How can someone saying "Merry Christmas" or having a "Christmas sale" at a store POSSIBLY offend any sensible person? There is nothing offensive in saving money at a store or getting a few days off work. The word "Christmas" has absolutely no offensive connotations.

Enough is enough --call it like it is. Yo' Massholes --it's a Christmas tree! The kids get all those days off from school at that time of year because of Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. Christmas.

If you don't like it, if it truly offends you, please see someone for your other psychiatric issues. Thanks.'s the link to Christmas being a legal holiday (at least for teachers in California). Courtesy of the Good ol' Yak.

Christmas related facts from Wikipedia

2004 Federal Holidays from the Office of Personnel management. They call it "Christmas".

And...gasp!...Massachusetts calls it "Christmas", too. ::Patriotette faints dead away from shock::

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