Thursday, November 17

The war on Christianity continues.

Okay, so now some mouth-breather wants to have the crosses removed from the city logo of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Las Cruces, for those of you that don't speak Spanish, means THE CROSSES.
"The crosses serve no governmental purpose other than to disenfranchise and discredit non-Christian citizens," said the lawsuit filed by Paul F. Weinbaum, who lives in the Las Cruces area, and Martin J. Boyd of Las Cruces.
Note that Mr. Weinbaum doesn't live IN the city...I guess the crosses offend his delicate, girly sense of decorum by remote. Or something. Maybe if he started wearing his tinfoil hat like the rest of them...?

Neil Cavuto on puts it very well.

A tiny sliver of Americans are free not to like religion, but they cannot dictate life for the overwhelming majority who do. Yet they have and they do.

They make us afraid to say "God," even more afraid to say "Christmas."

They treat prayer as if it's a dirty word. But will defend to the death their right to utter all dirty words.

All I know is a society afraid to even talk of prayer, is a society that doesn't have a prayer.
Like I heard someone say after 9/ invite God out of your schools, your lives, your hearts and your holidays. And then when something like 9/11 happens, you ask "But where was God??"

All I can say is that the Bible praises Christians as they are persecuted and still remain focused. So far we've had it pretty good here in the good ol' USofA. I think that's coming to an end. But believe you me, I will defend the right to offend everyone I can this season when I say "Merry CHRISTmas" not "Happy Holidays".


Update: Read Debbie Schlussel discuss not only the slander of Christians on TV (namely the latest Law & Order episode) but the oh, so politically correct treatment of Detroit. Which I'm not sure I totally agree with.

Also, Frank J of discusses Boston Legal and their left-wing agenda. I couldn't agree more. Which is why I don't watch it anymore.

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