Saturday, November 26

No more Christmas, kiddies.

"In this holiday season", "Happy Holidays from ______", Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays...ARGH! It's CHRISTMAS. C.H.R.I.S.T-mas. As in the birth of Christ. As in a celebration and remembrane of the beginning of the basis for the CHRISTian faith. Jesus born on earth as a man who grows up to become our Savior. Without the Christmas story - and the story of Easter, for that matter, my faith is for nothing. I believe in a risen Jesus, a man who walked on earth performing miracles and doing his Father's work. Who was then murdered on a cross, put in a grave, and then rose from the dead and now sits in heaven "making intercessions for us".

This is a continuation from a previous post of ours discussing the war on Christianity. Expect this theme to be updated and repeated in the coming months. Please feel free to add any links of interest in the comments section.

Michelle Malkin has a round-up of some "War on Christmas" type stories. If anyone hears me even *think* "Happy Holidays" I would expect you to please shoot me in the head with a very large-calibur clue. Thank you.

A commentor at Wizbang puts it very well - in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

Yeah, I've been confused lately. keeps talking about some holiday that I'm supposed to be giving gifts for, but never tells me what holliday it is! Sears is also saying that I should "Wish Big" because of the holiday, but they too won't tell me what we're celebrating. I mean, at this rate I'm going to miss it! And believe me, I'm not buying expensive gifts for a holiday on some undisclosed date. If I miss that holiday then I will have to find someplace to store it in the hope I catch it next year, assuming the holiday isn't a one year thing.

Plus, I won't even know what's appropriate for the holiday. I don't want to go and buy someone a tea set only to find out we're celebrating the Boston Tea Party. That would be a major faux pas! No no, this won't do! I need to know what we're supposed to be buying all this stuff for!

Thanks, JSchuler. Good point. :)

Another update:
From Random Yak, who speaks my mind.

1. Defend Christmas against the invading Holiday Season at all points and on all fronts.

2. Respond to "Happy Holidays" with a smile and a cheerful, "Merry Christmas."

(This is a MUST DO, ya'll. Christians get freedom of speech, too, remember -Patriotette)

3. Illuminate and discuss Holyday Moonbatisms throughout the Blogosphere and the culture at large.

Go read it and check out his links and comments. Be sure to check back, too - it sounds like the Yak will be updating frequently.

Update: 11/28
Check it out! The Yak himself added us to his considerable and exclusive Christmas Resistance Blogroll. :) Thanks, Yak! (be sure to check out his newly-updated blog entries, too. Good stuff!)

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