Friday, July 29

The Supreme Court is like baseball?

Heard on Rush today (Walter E. Williams was sitting in) regarding The Swimmer (Ted Kennedy) asking "whose side is John Roberts on" - is like asking an umpire which side he's on. You don't ask that question. (unless you're playing against the Pistons in a playoff game...oh, sorry. That's basketball.) You ask the umpire if he understands the rules of the game and will fulfill his umpire duties based on his knowledge of the rules of the game. It's totally irrelevant if he hates the Tigers. Who cares what team he likes better? He's supposed to umpire the game based on the rules of the game. Not his personal preferences.

Likewise, you don't ask a Supreme Court nominee what side he/she's on. (Walter Williams called it "stupid!" not "uninformed". "Stupid".) A fairer question would be "can you read?" "Did you read the constitution?" Roberts' job is to interpret the constitution. That's it. Not make laws, not "choose sides" and not be an activist, legislating from the bench.

I was discussing this with The Sage yesterday - a friend of hers is all in a tizzy that Roberts will overturn Roe v. Wade and "how dare George W. nominate someone who will take away women's rights". It shows that she doesn't understand the constitution - otherwise she wouldn't have been in such a tizzy.

Update: "When Roberts was asked about abortion during the 2003 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his nomination to the federal bench, he said, 'Roe v. Wade is the settled law of the land.'" Irrelevant what his personal beliefs are. Irrelevant that his wife is a "Pro life feminist". But of course the Dems want you to believe otherwise. Isn't that called "projection"??

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