Thursday, July 28

Welcome to Conservababes: Right from New Fallujah!

Hello and welcome!

By way of introduction, we are a group of opinionated news junkies who used to e-mail rants, stories, and opinions back and forth. We started this little "group" during the 2004 elections, and it brought much-needed perspective and humor to the lunacy and ridiculousness going on on a daily basis. It occurred to us recently that we should start a blog to capture all of our thoughts and comments. So here we are. Every so often, we will welcome select "Conservadudes" to post, as their e-mails have made us think, laugh, and shake our heads - and therefore should be posted. As often as they can find time to post!

Those of you who listen to Rush Limbaugh will recognize "New Fallujah" as his loving nickname for the city of Detroit. I believe he started calling it that after the Pistons/Pacers brawl at the Palace last year. "Conservababes" is because...well...we're conservative. "Babe" is all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. :)

Hope you enjoy!
The Patriotette & The Sage

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