Friday, July 29


John Bolton. Recess appointment? I'm sorry, but that cracks me up. And of course the Dems are all flipping out, Lott says W "can't make choices in a vacuum" and all that typical nonsense. What. Do we want some namby-pamby UN Ambassador over there? I mean, it's been working SO WELL up till now, right? No, we want some guy that's going to go over there and slap some people around. In a nice, diplomatic way, of course.

Trent Lott thinks it would be akin to W "thumbing his nose" at the Senate...and this is a bad again? Barbara Boxer and Joe Biden of course want to know what Bolton did or did not say regarding Valerie Plame. I'm not kidding.

Update: He did it! Yeah! Even Kofi is making sounds that sorta make it seem like he's open to working with Bolton and isn't getting involved in the whole "a recess appointment is perceived as weaker" and yadda yadda. Of course Biden and Kennedy are none too pleased. Tough.

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