Wednesday, December 7

Is Michael Moore writing Law and Order: SVU episodes now?

For pete's sake. I have absolutely had it with SVU. Which is too bad because I used to love that show.

Mariska is fantastic and Christopher Meloni? With his Marine tattoos, that stare of his and those forearms?? Fuggetaboutit. That was until I set my DVR to record the newest episodes. I've made it through the first 15 minutes of exactly two episodes before I rolled my eyes, sighed in disgust, and deleted it from the DVR list.

Last episode I watched took the side of terrorists and made people who had problems with said terrorists seem like uneducated neanderthals. This week's episode was about gay marriage and gay couples adopting and raising children. Fine, use it as a story line, as it happens. Well. In this particular episode Mariska and Christopher were discussing the fact that the child's parents being lesbians was causing the child some difficulty at this "very conservative Catholic school". Apparently the parents protested, there was a kerfuffle, but in the end the lesbian parents sued and won the right to keep the kid in that school. Munch's (Richard Belzer) response to this was "When did NY become a Red State?" (because as we all know, "red staters" hate gays. This is where my eyes rolled and my finger hovered over the stop/delete button)

Then, Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitawatay-or however you spell her name) were in the hospital speaking to the supposed "victim" who was stabbed by I'm assuming the little girl whose parents are gay (I didn't finish watching, so who knows who did what and who the heck cares)...and the "victim" says that "the Bible says homosexuality is wrong". Elliot's response? A condescending smirk and "I don't remember ever seeing that in the Bible". Have you READ IT lately? No? Didn't think so. (that's when I sighed the sigh of disgust and turned it off)

Can someone please let me know when shows stopped being entertainment and became propaganda? Propaganda so damn obvious it offends me? But who cares if it offends a Christian, right? You can offend Christians all day long, but heaven forbid you offend a terrorist, or a person who's gay, or who doesn't believe in God.

Characters on this show who have some semblance of morals, Biblical values and aren't elitist liberal whackjobs are treated with disdain and feigned pity. As if these people are so terribly unenlightened and simple. It's offensive and insulting. Truly. Yes, I know it's only a TV show and blah blah blah but why on earth can't they just be entertaining and write a good crime drama. You know, like they used to? (Frank J at IMAO is disgusted with Boston Legal for the same reasons...and he's a bit more eloquent than I am on the subject. So is the Ex-Donkey Blog. Nice to know I'm not the lone voice complaining in the proverbial wilderness)

It's disgusting. So much for SVU, guys. I guess I'll go back to my beloved CSI franchise until they piss me off...which I'm sure is going to happen very soon. Then I'd have to like READ or something.

Just kidding. I read. No, really, I do.

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