Tuesday, October 4

Harriet Miers?

Update III (on top because I think this answers the questions posed below): David Limbaugh weighs in with his usual thoughtfulness and honesty. I think I get it now. :)

Can someone help me out with something? All over the blogs, conservatives are a bit miffed with Dubya's pick of Ms. Miers. She's not "conservative enough". She's "only adequate". President Bush has "squandered" an opportunity.

Let's see. Didn't the liberals squawk and caterwaul about Roberts being *too* conservative? Didn't we jump on them with all fours reminding them that the role of a Supreme Court justice was to interpret the Constitution and not legislate from the bench? Dubya has said that Ms. Miers will interpret the constitution and not legislate. According to the President, she is more than qualified for the position.

So can anyone explain to me why we're upset with the President for his choice? Why is it that it matters to us conservatives how conservative she is, but when the liberals complain about how a nominee is TOO conservative we stuff our foot down their throats and remind them that justices aren't partisan - that they are to interpret the Constitution and nothing more?

I'm sure I'm missing something. Maybe someone out there can set me straight.

Update: Time Magazine wonders what her philosophy regarding Gay rights is...and again I ask, "Who CARES?" It's not like she's going to waltz into the court and make her own laws. At least she SHOULDN'T. The President said she WOULDN'T. It's called "legislating from the bench" and it's a no-no for Supreme Court Justices.

Again, am I missing something here??

Update II: Interesting point of view by The Therapist. (I love his style!) Worth the read, anyway. I think I'm closing in on the "what I'm missing" part...
Judges, on the other hand answer to no one, except for God, and they’ve done a good job of overturning Him anyway. That kind of autonomy is not only rare, it does not deserve to go to the ideologically androgynous. It deserves to go to someone with an established record, liberal or conservative.

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