Wednesday, August 10

Maybe it's just me.

After yesterday's post about Mick Jagger, Harry Belafonte, Stevie seems that the libs are ratcheting up their whining about...nothing. Are they bored? We've read stories about them criticizing Dubya about working out. Now they're writing snarky columns about Dubya's APPEARANCE. (via RightThinkingGirl) His appearance?

(oh, and if you read the last part from the above link, Dubya must use steroids since he "values muscle". Guess yours truly, the Patriotette is using steroids too, because I'm trying like heck to build muscle too...)

In the meantime, Air America is stealing from poor kids and you don't hear a peep. The Oil for Food scandal is getting good (registration req.), finally - and you don't hear a word.

But holy mackerel, ya'll. George W. Bush doesn't have a good body. (??) I'm sure Laura would heartily disagree, though. I personally don't spend valuable thinking time considering what my President's body looks like, though. Just sayin'.

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