Thursday, August 18

Bill v. Bill

Did anyone see The O'Reilly Factor last night? He was interviewing Bill Maher, who I absolutely detest. (He's the worst kind of condescending liberal.) Anyway, O'Reilly was f**king with him so bad! It rocked!

My favorite line was when O'Reilly said that what he liked about Maher was that he wasn't a hypocrite. He goes on to tell the audience why:

"He putters around in his little hybrid." Then asks Maher: "Does it have training wheels?"

Then he "compliments" Maher's new book by saying it was funny and "if you want some laughs, read his book."

He then went on and on asking Maher to explain, since he's fond of criticizing FNC, why it's becoming the most powerful news network in the world. He kept pressing this issue, then smirking and mocking Maher's responses.
And all that liberal freak could do was sit there w/a painful smile plastered on his face! It was so great.

O'Reilly might be a pompous a** at times, but it's segments like this that keep me watching...

Hope everyone's having a fabulous Thursday.

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