Tuesday, August 16

Okay, some perspective

I started getting all worked up about Cindy Sheehan's "blog" entry for day 9 where she likens herself to Mickey Mouse at Disneyland...no, seriously. She also berates Bush for taking a bike ride instead of meeting with her. Nevermind that Bush is...gee...isn't he still the PRESIDENT you drooling idiot? Meeting with a lunatic fringe hippie would set a bad precedent, don't you think? Especially when you've already said you'd just say "bullshit" to anything he says anyway.

But instead of getting all spitting irritated, I visited IMAO for some funny. This struck me as hysterical - and it put it all in perspective. :) (put your "sense of humor/take it in the spirit it was intended" hat on before you click)

Ahhh...all better now.

UPDATE 8/17 3PM:
Geez, I need to start posting on something else. This woman gives me a headache. Now she's calling to "refocus the mission" or some such.

Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son was killed in Iraq last year, seems distressed that her anti-Bush protest has become a bit, well, political.

“We need to refocus our mission,” Sheehan said Monday at Camp Casey, the ragtag staging ground she set up nearly two weeks ago near the president’s ranch outside Crawford, Texas. It seems she has become concerned about a “media circus” surrounding her protest.

How typically liberal of her. Let's see. Our "cause" gets blown WAY out of proportion, more drooling moonbats jump on the bandwagon, your original message (I think there was one, wasn't there? A while ago?) gets diluted, and people think you're nuts. You start screaming obcenities and insults at the Commander in Chief. You spit vitrol and angry rhetoric every chance you get to whomever will listen.

Sheehan set the trap for herself.

She’s emotional. Angry. Given to believing the things she reads on left-wing websites. And dazzled by her newfound popularity with the press.

In other words, her own worst enemy.

Then, you look around and see the quizzical looks on people's faces and the backpedalling starts. Doesn't this sound like the Democrats lately? "We need to figure out what we're saying to the American People". "We need a message". Blah Blah BLAH! When have you ever heard a Republican make a big ol' fuss over something not even based in reality, then when it gets overblown and out of control they step back to craft a new "message" and try to change their tune. Like we're going to forget or something.

Last I checked, I don't know a Republican who's done that. I'm sure they have, though - nobody (not even Conservababes!) is perfect. But I certainly don't remember it being so laughably obvious. So transparently silly. Ridiculous, even.

I'll find something else to post about.
I hope.

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