Tuesday, November 1

Bring it on!

Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for the big fight over Bush's new Supreme Court nominee, Sam Alito.

The Republicans are breathing a big sigh of relief, for they have been looking forward to a battle that they see as imperative for the future of our country --whether judges are supposed to be "activists" (they make laws) or "strict constructionists" (judges who interpret laws, determining whether they are Constitutional according to the U.S. Constitution). Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they set up the three branches of government, each designed to balance the other branches for the right blend of our republican form of government. The Congressmen are the ones who are supposed to make the laws --you know, those guys and gals we, the people get to ELECT.

This fight is just as imperative for Democrats. Most of their liberal policies would never hold up were they actually put to arcane tests like voting. Instead, they have relied on the courts to push their agenda through. And they know that if the "balance" of the Supreme Court is upset, they'll likely be in trouble. They'd have to go back to trying to convince voters of their policies and beliefs.

The Supreme Court was liberal from about the late 1930s/40s, thanks to good ol' FDR, until, gradually, strict constructionists like Renquist began to trickle back in. Now all of sudden, the court is "balanced." And we can't "upset the balance" or nominate anyone who will "divide" the country.

Now, if, God help us, President Kerry was sitting up there nominating two more former ACLU attorneys, do you really think the Democrats would care about keeping the court "balanced?" When you put the shoe on the other foot, it's clear how ridiculous their arguments are. If Kerry won, he would have every right to nominate whomever he wanted. No one would be asking him to nominate another Renquist or O'Conner. The idea is simply ludicrous.

See, here's how it's supposed to work: A president wins an election and gets to nominate judges. The Senate should vote on those judges based on their qualifications for the position they are nominated for. Just like they did with Ginsburg. Just like they did when they unanimously confirmed Alito as a circuit judge in the '90s.

When the American people decide that they'd rather have more activist judges and a government more in the model of France than America, they'll start voting for Demorcrats for President and Congress again.

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